Do you mill these slides yourself or are they outsourced?

All slides are milled in-house from aftermarket slide blanks.  Single color Cerakoting is also done in-house.  Other specialty finishes, such as BlackNitride+ and stencil Cerakote designs are sent to various metal processors or vendors for finishing.

Do I need to send a slide after purchasing?

It depends.  We only use aftermarket blanks for Glock compatible slides.  If you pruchase Sig P320 or P365 slide milling service you will need to send us your slide. 

Can I send you my OEM slide for milling?

Unfortunately we do not offer OEM slide milling for Glock slides.  We do offer a milling service for Sig P320 and P365 OEM slides

Can I order a slide for a caliber you do not have on your website?

We can get aftermarket slides for other Glock models.  Pricing and availability vary.  Please contact us if you can't find what you need on the website.